New Year Resolutions 2018 (Are New Year Resolutions even still a thing?)

Kuala Lumpur to Dubai
My first step into 2018

Before I talk about 2018 New Year Resolutions, let’s talk about 2017. Let’s see if there’s any significant lesson that we could learn from it.

For me, 2017 has been such a random, strange, awkward, stressful but exciting year for me. Since the age of 16 or 17, I had always wanted to go to Dubai (I remember after SPM every day I would google “University scholarship in Dubai” only to be disappointed by the search result because Dubai is not exactly known to be an education city and no major scholarship providers specify UAE in the list of countries offered). In retrospect, 2011-2012 are 2 of the roughest years in my life so far (I will talk about this in another post one day). But 2017-2018, I somewhat have a feeling will be the opposite of that.

The morning of 1st of November 2017, one of the most important dates of my life, I was in Dubai, my first day of work in this Saudi Arabia-based Oil & Gas services company. I remember waking up to my mother’s text on the first day in Dubai that reads:

Daa you finally got what you have always wanted. I remember a few years back you would set Dubai skyscrapers as your phone wallpaper. Congratulations dear, you made it to Dubai.

Or something like that because I’m Kelantanese and clearly my mom and I don’t text in English lmao.

Not that it’s important or anything but this was my first breakfast here lmao.

Breakfast in Dubai
First breakfast

In the next post, I’m gonna write about my 8 2018 Resolutions. What’s interesting about my resolutions this time around is almost all of them are inspired by 1 person. Yes, 1 person I barely know, whom I met probably less than 2 or 3 months ago. Someone not necessarily I am the biggest fan of. Any specific person comes to your head? Let me know.

If anyone is interested to have a vacation or short getaway to Dubai, please do. Come be my company. Also, consider buying one of this because I’m not used to the city yet myself!